Seiko Dive Watches

Seiko Dive Watches

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About Seiko Diver Watches

Seiko is one of the most recognised wristwatch brands worldwide.

Unfortunately for us in the west, they like to keep the best Seiko dive watches in Japan and the Far East. Most Seiko’s you see in the high streets if the retail outlets in Europe are the Seiko’s Quartz collection which are nowhere in the league of their Japanese domestic models that are sold in Japan. Some of these ( JDM ) models are the marinemaster 300 models, the Sumo’s and their very competitively priced skx diver watches. All of these models are automatic and extremely highly regarded all over the world and hard to find.

Thats why we stock these models and have them readily available for sale in the UK and in Europe. No need to take a chance and order them from a Far East online shop as most watches are stopped by customs and by the time you receive your watch it has taken forever and can become very expensive once you add customs, vat and further delivery costs.

Some of the models we sell like the solar and kinetic watches are sold in some European outlets however our prices are between 30%-50% lower. So either way you will receive a great deal .

Check out our great range, we also stock upgraded bracelets that are made specifically for the Seiko skx007 – skx009 – skx011 divers watches. We stock the super oyster, super jubilee, super engineered and the super president bracelets at extremely competitive prices.